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Sports Direct Contact NumberOwned by north-east millionaire Mike Ashley, Sports Direct are the largest sports retailers in the UK having recently ascended into the FTSE100 – the index that charts the shares of the biggest stock market-listed items.

A brief history of Sports Direct

With more than 500 stores worldwide as well as over 24,000 employees, Sports Direct has capitalised on the recent global recession by being able to offer recognised sports brands at low prices – undercutting rivals such as JD Sports. They are able to do this by constantly pruning their portfolio – cutting stores if they are proving too expensive to run; they also have an efficient directorial hierarchy that means they save on excess expenses that other rivals may be spending.  In addition to the Sports Direct brand, the company have also taken over the likes of well-known sporting retailers Lilleywhites as well as USC; they also own sports clothing companies including Donnay as well as Lonsdale.

The store was initially launched in 1982 by Ashley – also the owner of Newcastle United – as just one outlet, named Mike Ashley Sports. It grew quickly around the millennium however – to the extent that it now makes over £150 million profit per year. Many of its acquisitions were made during the early noughties, with Dunlop Slazenger notable for its £40 million purchase in 2004.

Sports Direct Contact NumberWhy call Sports Direct Contact Number?

Many choose to call Sports Direct if they have complaints over the items that they have purchased. However, because the company manages to keep prices incredibly cheap this does result in it being incredibly hard to gain a refund from them. If you are one of them, call the Sports Direct customer services number now.

For others, the range of stock that Sports Direct will keep in their store can be dizzying – the company try to reduce their own overheads by minimising on the amount of additional storage space they need to hire. For those intimidated by the piles of boxes or racks of clothes, phoning ahead to ascertain just what stock their local store has can be a valuable time-saving option.

Sports clothing retail is no different to fashion retail in that there are seasonal ranges that the company will prioritise above others. This usually takes into account the sporting season calendar itself – with football boots likely to be hot property around July time in preparation for the new season; while cricket or athletics equipment is likely to be more sought after in spring time. Again, if a customer is keen to buy the latest products that will inevitably be pushed out for each season, it is best to phone ahead for availability.