How can I contact the Sport Direct customer service team?

Sports Direct is a popular retailer in the UK. Selling sporting goods of all kinds, including clothing, equipment and peripherals, they have developed quite a reputation. If you’re wondering what the best ways are to contact them, then you’re in the right place!

As with most cases, if you have a large, detailed complaint and would like to keep copies of the communication, e-mailing their dedicated customer service department directly should be your first choice. If you have a very quick comment to make to the Sports Direct contact number or complaint such as “not enough staff in your Oxford Circus store”, then tweeting them is normally a better option for the sake of brevity and saving you time!

Customer Services e-mail:
If you have a long, detailed or very serious complaint, your first port of call would be Sports Direct’s customer services e-mail address. They have been known to respond very promptly and rather fairly and are in constant communication with management regarding issues that customers face. If you feel you’re treated unfairly by them, then see the section for the ombudsman at the bottom of this article.

Twitter: @SportsDirectUK
Sports Direct’s Twitter account is very active. They are constantly tweeting content regarding their products, sponsorship deals and general sports news. If you have a small complaint that you think won’t take much to resolve, tweeting @SportsDirectUK would be your best option. Their Twitter team are are quick to respond and very professional while being approachable to the general public.

Sports Direct’s Facebook page is being constantly updated, as with their Twitter. They are updating with sports news, running products, fitness photoshoot with their products and the like very often. While they don’t allow visitors to post on their page, they do allow comments on their posts.

Facebook says they typically respond instantly to any messages sent through their Facebook page, so if you need a quick response, going through their Facebook page would be a good idea.

While Sports Direct does keep an Instagram page updated, there isn’t information publicly available about how well their DM’s are responded to. It is safe to say that because Sports Direct has a dedicated social media department, they are likely to respond quickly, though in this case, we feel it would be better to contact the either on Twitter or Facebook depending on the length of the complaint.

Ombudsman: The Retail Ombudsman:
Of course for those situations where you feel you are being treated unfairly by the company, there is always the industry’s fairness body The Retail Ombudsman. If you approach them with a history of your interaction with Sports Direct, then they may be able to investigate and take action on your behalf. Hopefully you’ll never need them, but safety first!

It is important to note that The Retail Ombudsman isn’t officially sanctioned by the government in the same way Ofgem or The Financial Ombudsman is, however, government committees have given them permission to take action towards their members.

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