Sports Direct Opening Times

Sports Direct opening timesSports Direct began operation in 1982 as a single store, and today has grown to nearly 500 shops offering quality brand name sports equipment and clothing at reasonable prices to customers all over Britain, in Europe and over the Internet. With frequent sales and specials, Sports Direct is able to offer well known brand names such as Nike and Addidas at low prices, which had made it not just the largest sports retailer in Britain but the premier sports retailer in Britain.

Search clothing according to mens, womens or kids items and by category, and search sports gear by game. Sports Direct offers the finest in football shirts, top brands and the clearance section of the online store is always a place to find great bargains.

With so many locations it’s easy for customers to get to a physical store and try out equipment before buying, but the opening hours of different locations can vary a lot. To avoid the disappointment of having made a trip only to find the store closed, Sports Direct has made it easy to search store locations and check hours of operation online.

Opening Times

Sports Direct stores are open seven days a week excepting holidays, but the opening and closing times vary from store to store and across the week. In general, stores open between 9:00 A.M. and 11:00 A.M. and close between 4:00 PM and 9:00 P.M., so going in the middle of the afternoon is usually a safe bet. Most people work in the middle of the day, however, and sometimes evening is the only time to get shopping done. Customers who don’t want to be surprised by an early closing hour can easily use the website to search for store location in their area. Clicking on a store location reveals a helpful map showing its location and also the opening hours and closing times for every day of the week.